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Formed in 1979 by Elaine Ahern, the Precisionaires at the University of Delaware were the first university affiliated synchronized skating team. She recruited girls from the university's skating classes as a way to keep students interested in skating. The Precisionaires originally competed in the Junior Division, and eventually in the senior division. The Precisionaires became very successful after making the decision to move into the newly formed collegiate division, where they've received a pewter national medal in 2001, four bronze medals in 1999, 2004, 2006, and 2007, and were crowned with the silver medal in 2000 and 2008. In 2005, the Precisionaires officially changed their name to the University of Delaware Synchronized Skating Team.

The team is coached by UD Alumni and former Precisionaire, Wendy Deppe, and National Ice Dance Competitor, Megan O'Donnell. The team uses various off-ice training techniques to enhance their on-ice abilities. Jeff Schnieder, the UD athletic trainer, whips the girls into shape three times a week with cardio, resistance training, and core exercises. Jeff trains many high level UDFSC skaters. The team also participates in aerobics for an hour every week, taught by UD and Precisionaire Alumni Meghan Gelburd. This workout includes running, jump-roping, and many various strength building exercises. The team partakes in ballet as well, instructed by Tisa Della-Volpe, who also partially contributes to the creativity in the team's theatrical programs.

"Many hearts, one beat"

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What We Love To Do

We are the University of Delaware Synchronized Skating Team. We are a group of 20 young women whose passion and love for the sport has brought us together from all over the country. We have had to overcome many adversities and obstacles in order to achieve our title as 20- time Eastern Sectional Champions. Taking time to accept one another and work together is how we become a cohesive unit.

Trying to manage schedules as full time students at the university and bringing together 21 unique student athletes to compete at the national level is not an easy task! Between juggling classes, homework and practices we have become masters at time management and have learned to lean on one another. Our genuine, caring and friendly attitudes have created a sisterhood and a home away from home. This season is off to a "sweet" start and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us. Many hearts, one beat.


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Competition Place Score


Competition Place Score
Dr. Porter Competition (Ann Arbor, MI) 3rd 66.26
Mid-America Competition (Fraser, MI) 2nd 68.95
Eastern Sectional Championships (Hershey, PA) 1st 74.74
National Championships (Rockford, IL) 7th 68.37


Competition Place Score
Dr. Porter Competition (Ann Arbor, Michigan) 2nd 71.90
Eastern Sectional Champsionships (Richmond, Virginia) 1st 77.14
Tri-States Competition (Dearborn, MI) 4th 75.13
National Championships (Kalamazoo, Michigan) 5th 81.31


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 2nd 73.90
Mid America (Fraser, MI) 2nd 69.21
Eastern Sectional Championships (Lake Placid, NY) 1st 84.31
National Synchronized Skating Championships (Providence, RI) 4th 82.60


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 3rd 69.18
Eastern Sectional Championships (Hershey, PA) 1st 77.14
Tri-State Synchronized Championships (Traverse City, MI) 1st 85.36
National Synchronized Skating Championships Colorado Springs, CO) 5th 76.79


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 4th 56.80
Mid America (Fraser, MI) 2nd 61.12
Eastern Sectional Championships (Lake Placid, NY) BYE BYE
Reflections (Hershey, PA) 1st 73.34
National Synchronized Skating Championships (Plymouth, MI) 2nd 84.11


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 2nd 73.57
Mid America (Fraser, MI) 2nd 79.02
Eastern Sectional Championships (Hershey, PA) 1st 79.58
National Synchronized Skating Championships Wocester, MA) 2nd 84.29


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 4th 82.24
Eastern Sectional Championships (Lake Placid, NY) 1st 86.79
National Synchronized Skating Championships Ontario, CA) 5th 73.61


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 1st 94.66
Eastern Sectional Championships (Lowell, MA) 1st 86.34
National Synchronized Skating Championships Minneapolis, MN) 3rd 94.97


Competition Place Score
Dr. Richard Porter Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) 3rd 77.33
Eastern Sectional Championships (Morristown, NJ) 1st 82.83
National Synchronized Skating Championships Portland, ME) 4th 85.36

2019 UDSST Recruitment Weekend

We look forward to hosting our 18th annual Blue Hen Recruitment weekend during next year's 2019-2020 season. Please check back for more information on this event!

Recruitment weekend is a great oppertunity for high school students to visit to the University of Delaware and spend a weekend with the 20-time Collegiate Eastern Champions! Skaters will spend time getting to know the current team members and coaches of UDSST through on and off ice activities. They will also be given a tour of our beautiful campus and stay in the dorms overnight with a host skater to get the full Blue Hen experience!  

Recruitment Weekend

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Recruitment Weekend, which will be October 12-14th for this season!

Contact Sarah Marek with any recruitment weekend questions

New Team Members

General practice information to come!

Team change Form: Required if coming from another synchronized skating team

**If you are a new or returning team member, please remember to join UDFSC as a home or associate member**

UDFSC Membership

Off-Ice Skills

Off-Ice Summer Workout

On-Ice Skills

On-Ice Summer Workout

Schedule 2015-2016

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Weekly Practice

  • Monday: 6:50-11:20pm, Rust Arena
  • Tuesday: 9:50-11:20pm, Gold Arena
  • Thursday: 5:20-8:30 or 8:00-11:20pm, Rust Arena

Alumni Network

Return back here soon for more information on the 3rd Alumni Weekend to be held in 2019!


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  23. Elizabeth (alumni)
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Our Coaches:
  1. Megan O'Donnell - megan.coach@gmail.com
  2. Wendy Deppe - skatingmickey@verizon.net
Our Officers:
  1. Sarah Marek - President - smarek@udel.edu
  2. Rebecca Winer - Vice President - rjwiner@udel.edu
  3. Evelyn Bedzyk - Secretary - ebedzyk@udel.edu
  4. Tess Walsh - Treasurer - walsht@udel.edu
  5. Melissa Mullen - Competition Secretary - mgmullen@udel.edu
  6. Nicole Seither - Public Relations - nseither@udel.edu
  7. Isabel Lubin - Fundraising - ilubin@udel.edu

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